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We are independent dev team gathering top tech talents from Central Europe working for hot startups in Silicon Valley.

Mustafar on fire

Our story

We are tech founders with working experience from companies like Google, Apple, Asana, Dropbox, Wish, Niantic. Also, we helped launch several San Francisco-based startups that will shape the future.

When the COVID-19 hit, we decided to return to Europe and build a remote team working with startups from all over the world.

Our vision

We want to allow top tech talents to work for amazing fast-growing companies in the US. We believe the best developers are in our region, but they miss their potential and usually stagnate in their day-to-day jobs.

We share our expertise and know-how to help our employees grow both technically and mentally. We want them to learn how to be valuable and confident to work for any Silicon Valley company.

The Team

The team

The most important aspect of a successful company is the team. We are building a team consisting of great developers and smart people with a ton of experience.

Our founders and mentors studied at prestigious universities like Cambridge, Imperial College, or MIT and work for the best tech startups worldwide.

Jakub Kracina
“ I'm surrounded by super talented people helping me to push my tech boundaries. I learn something new and challenge new technologies every day. “
Jakub Kracina · Full Stack Developer

Last but not least, we want to build a friendly environment. It's important to have fun working with each other and to feel satisfied with your job.

We support people's creativity and encourage everyone to try new technologies and keep learning new things.

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Make the big career step forward. Join our awesome team and grow with us.